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A snapshot of the global economy in September 2022 – Luxembourg Professional

This site is designed for Professional Investors. We define “Professional Investors” as those who have the appropriate expertise and knowledge e.g. asset managers, distributors and financial intermediaries. You should not use this site if you do not fall within this category.

Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A. is the management company (the “Management Company”) of Schroder Alternative Solutions (“Schroder AS”), Schroder International Selection Fund (“Schroder ISF”), Schroder GAIA, Schroder Special Situations Fund (“Schroder SSF”) and Schroder GAIA II (each a “Company” and collectively referred to as the “Companies”). 

The Companies are umbrella structured open-ended investment companies organised as “société anonyme” under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and qualify as “Société d’Investissement a Capital Variable”. Schroder ISF, Schroder GAIA and Schroder SSF qualify as SICAVs…

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