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25 Orgs to Congress: Fund Women’s Health Research to Save Lives, Add $13B to US Economy

Dozens of leading health advocacy organizations call on Congress to double funding for women’s health research. It’s a spend they say will save lives — and money.

New House and Senate resolutions cite data from a WHAM report on the sex gap in health research and make the case that closing this gap has “enormous untapped potential for the U.S. economy.”

This month, in a sprawling show of support, more than 25 leading health organizations signed on to a call that Congress double funding for women’s health research through newly introduced Senate Resolution 637 and House Resolution 1129.

If women’s health were not enough on its own to prompt Congress to support the proposal, the organizations said, then consider the health of the economy: Data from a report compiled by Women’s Health Access Matters (WHAM) indicates that increasing funding of women’s health research by $300 million could not only save lives and…

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