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3 race cars were stolen from Westland business

WESTLAND, Mich. – A neighborhood crime took place in Westland after a business that specializes in supercharged vehicles had three of them disappear overnight.

The incident happened at Magnuson Superchargers on Executive Drive south of Warren and east of Hix roads.

The only sign a custom purpose-built vehicle was stored in the trailer seen in the video player above is the tie downs that were left behind.

When Mark Blaha called 911, he thought one car was stolen. He was shocked to discover all three trailers on the property were empty.

“I opened it up to look to see what they’ve stolen, and the jeep was gone,” said Blaha.

Blaha didn’t believe his eyes at first.

“I was in tears,” Blaha said.

The stolen 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee belonged to a customer of the business. Blaha’s 2006 Ford Mustang was stolen from the adjacent trailer as well.


“It’s been an art project,” Blaha said. “The only thing that’s still original…

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