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Airport holiday travel starting to look up

TEXARKANA, Ark. — Holiday businesss at Texarkana Regional Airport is lifting off after two years of COVID-related passenger slowdown.

Airport Executive Director Paul Mehrlich said late last week that Labor Day air travel seemed to be moving closer to 2019 pre-COVID levels.

“This year’s holiday travel is looking better, and we think it might get to within 10% of what 2019’s local air departure figures were,” Mehrlich said, referring to American Airlines flights to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport during the Labor Day holiday.

Last year’s holiday flight figures showed 33% fewer passenger bookings over 2019, while 2020’s stats indicated a 52% drop, Mehrlich said.

He said American Airlines will soon have larger jets to accomodate more passengers.

“Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually our best holidays for local residents booking out-of-town flights,” Mehrlich said. “Basically, we serve as a feeder airlines for a larger…

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