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An administrator has been appointed for luxury Melbourne-based company Sneakerboy and two other companies using the Sneakerboy name

A well-known chain of streetwear shops in Australia has filed for bankruptcy, leaving irate customers waiting for pricey orders they might never receive.

The name-using businesses Sneakerboy, a high-end retailer, and two others have each been assigned an administrator.

The Melbourne-based retailer is well-liked by sneakerheads and sells designer footwear, including $1,500+ Balenciaga shoes.

Additionally, it offers items from high-end labels like Moncler and Alexander McQueen.

The company’s flagship Sydney location is closed, despite the fact that it is shown as open online. When it last opened its doors is unknown.

In June, Sneakerboy launched an unexpected online warehouse sale where it provided discounts of more than 70% on some items.

Additionally, it is now running a website-only deal with quite substantial discounts.

However, customers who are already having trouble receiving the sneakers they ordered will be…

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