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Australia: Victorian state Labor government budget tries to conceal austerity agenda

The state Labor government in Victoria released its annual budget on Tuesday. This was a political fraud, centrally directed toward covering up the Labor Party’s preparations, at both the federal and state levels, for austerity policies aimed at making the working class bear the burden of the worsening economic crisis.

The federal election will be held on May 21, and the Victorian state vote on November 26. Ahead of each, Premier Daniel Andrews sought to promote illusions that Labor governments would represent some form of alternative to the Liberal-National Party agenda. In reality, only tactical issues separate the major parties—regardless of who wins, the agenda of big business and finance capital will be advanced.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews delivering a COVID briefing in late 2020 [Screenshot from ABC News broadcast]

Since coming to office in 2014, the Victorian Labor government has promoted various pro-business measures….

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