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Biden Still Has Work To Do On The Economy – OpEd – Eurasia Review

By Maria Maalouf*

There is no question that US President Joe Biden scored a big political and legislative victory when Congress last month passed a big spending bill totaling $360 billion. The Inflation Reduction Act includes money earmarked for healthcare, the climate and other spending areas. However, Biden’s celebrations could be premature. Other political factors could thwart his political programs. The $360 billion spending packet could face many hurdles.

There were several political gains the Biden administration enjoyed thanks to the passage of this bill. It showed that the president can collaborate with Congress and overcome any opposition. Accordingly, he can coordinate many policies with the Democrats in Congress under the leadership of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In addition, Biden is fulfilling his campaign pledges to spend more on healthcare and the climate.

Moreover, the president is moving the Democratic…

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