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Building a Metaverse World with a Real-World Economy

When Kevin Beauregard talks about the economy of his forthcoming racing game, ExoGP, the CEO of gaming developer Atmos Labs wants to talk about ownership, not earning.

The metaverse-focused game’s core is the exosuit, a sort of armored wingsuit built on a nonfungible token (NFT) that lets you build and add other NFT-based components onto it to make it fly better and faster — in a lot of different ways.

He has described it as Formula One-meets-flight-mechanics. And just as many auto racing games give players ways to upgrade an engine, transmission or suspension, ExoGP allows players to upgrade their suits in ways that will include making those component NFTs or buying them, likely on either an in-game or third-party NFT marketplace.

“I don’t love the play-to-earn narrative,” Beauregard told PYMNTS recently. “I focus on the word ownership. If you make something about earning then all it is about is work. It is no longer…

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