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CEO of Stankevicius Group, Paulius Stankevicius announces that SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking is commercializing its crypto trading activities and is open for client business.

SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking is a professional consultancy focusing on capital raising and financial services for clients. SAIB initiative started in late 2021 and has already provided over 100% return on investment in the first quarter of 2022 for early clients.

Additionally, Stankevicius Group has helped clients to raise over $700M in capital till today with prejectory to raise a record total of $1 billion in funding for clients by the end of 2022.

Today, Stankevicius Group is pushing forward the SAIB initiative which specializes in financial services and acts as an alternative service provider to investment banking.

One of the key focuses of SAIB is electronic trading including spot and futures of digital assets….

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