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By not voluntarily testifying to the House Oversight Committee, Daniel Snyder may have made things worse for himself

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At a time when plenty of people despise him, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder arguably continues to be his own worst enemy.

Case in point: By refusing to voluntarily appear and testify before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform, Snyder has put himself in position to face a far more rigorous interrogation, with potentially more dire consequences.

Liz Clarke and Mark Maske of the Washington Post take a closer look at the ramifications of Snyder’s refusal to testify without a subpoena, which starts with the vow made twice on Wednesday by Committee chairperson Carolyn Maloney that Snyder will be subpoenaed to give a deposition before the Committee.

Testifying on Wednesday along with Commissioner Roger Goodell would have been shorter, simpler, cleaner. A behind-closed-door deposition with lawyers present will last longer. It will cover more topics. It will be more…

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