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California Senate Votes to Support CARE Court, as Leading State Business Organizations Join Expanding Coalition

CARE Court receives bi-partisan approval from state Senators in a 38-0 floor vote 

California Chamber of Commerce, 21 local chambers and the California Downtown Association back Governor Newsom’s mental health proposal

SACRAMENTO – In a critical floor vote today, Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed CARE Court received 38-0 approval by state Senators in an overwhelming show of support. Governor Newsom’s CARE Court coalition also continues to build momentum with the addition of key business organizations, which include the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Downtown Association and 21 local chambers of commerce from throughout the state. Collectively, these organizations represent thousands of California businesses.

Prior to today’s affirmative Senate floor vote, the CARE Court bill – SB 1338 by Senators Tom Umberg and Susan Eggman – passed the Senate Appropriations committee in a 7-0 vote last week. This…

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