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Colorado State Fair provides boost for Pueblo economy

PUEBLO — It’s day 6 of the Colorado State Fair, and attendance is up this year. Nearly 200,000 people have gone to the fair so far, and the crowds have meant a big economic boost for nearby businesses and vendors. For others, it’s also one of the biggest fundraising efforts of the year.

“With a combination of Labor Day Weekend and the fair, it does boost the business by probably 30% at least, and it brings a lot of new faces in town,” said Gene Horstman, the owner of Pueblo Liquor, which is located right next to the fair.

Horstman has owned the business for about 13 years, so he’s not new to the crowds that come in with the state fair. He says the weekends during the 11-day event, bring in the most people.

“The weekends have the biggest impact and the nights when there are concerts or special events, there will be a lot more traffic coming in,” said Horstman.

Meanwhile, volunteers work in the parking lot at his business,…

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