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Community-based economic development is the key to a strong pandemic recovery

As we emerge from the pandemic, economic recovery is on everyone’s minds. Cities around the world are grappling with the intersecting challenges of inflation, climate change and deep systemic inequities.

Throughout the pandemic, there were calls for change. People across all sectors argued that we could not simply “go back” to how things were — we needed to take the lessons learned and begin to reshape our communities.

While the staggering negative impacts of the pandemic should never be overlooked, there were moments of grace that emerged. We all became more aware and appreciative of public spaces. Parks were full, libraries were never busier and streets were taken over by people and patios. There were movements to shop and eat locally.

We all became increasingly aware of our need to be connected with one another and found creative ways to sustain our relationships. The pandemic reminded us that community is…

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