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Dec. 1 deadline to re-file old Assumed Business Names – The Taylorsville Times

Filings more than 5 years old will expire

The Alexander County Register of Deeds (RoD), Scott H. Hines, records Assumed Business Name (ABN) documents in his office for county businesses or anyone wishing to record ABN’s. Some know the Assumed Business Name as “doing business as” or DBA. It is a fictitious name that a company may want to be known as, or do business as.

Local business owners should know about upcoming deadlines associated with the Assumed Business Name process in North Carolina. Register Hines reports that all Assumed Business Name filings before December 1, 2017, will automatically expire on December 1, 2022, based on the Assumed Business Name Act (Chapter 66. Article 14A) (NC G.S. § 66-71.15).

Businesses wishing to renew their ABN’s must record new Assumed Business Name (ABN) filings in the Register of Deeds office by December 1; otherwise, their old certificates will not be effective after that date,…

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