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Dollar Loan Center Arena unveils sensory room

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— It’s the first room of its kind in Nevada, the Dollar Loan Center arena in Henderson unveiled its sensory room to the public this weekend with the goal of providing a welcoming space for guests with autism or other sensory requirements.

The facility teamed up with KultureCity, a nonprofit focusing on sensory accessibility to make it come to life.

“Once we established a location we had the size and dimensions, we sent all that info to our team of occupational speech behavior therapists along with positions and they point out the different elements that go in the room,” explained KultureCity executive director Uma Srivastava. “We all have 8 senses, not 6, so our sensory rooms really cater to 6 of those 8 senses. The two that we don’t touch on are smell and taste, that’s just because they’re so subjective, you talk about allergies and you can’t get rid of smell quickly.”

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