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Downtown Frankfort Gears Up for a Boost in Business from Ironman

Organizers of this year’s Ironman race in Frankfort are watching the skies for a bit of wet weather on Sunday.  But downtown businesses are watching the traffic and what it could mean for the bottom line.

Frankfort, Michigan: Population 1,246. But this weekend – 2,000 athletes. Plus the anticipation of thousands of spectators.

“I like seeing the people and I like seeing the exposure of Frankfort. JoAnn Holwerda is the Mayor of Frankfort. She volunteers at the event and loves seeing people from all over the country in her community. “It’s exposing Frankfort for the gem that we have here…. They had no idea we were here, so our secret is out.”

Momentum Store Manager Gloria Borton says, “We are really gearing up for the race this weekend. A lot of people are coming into town. We have a lot of product, we’re hoping to get a lot of customers.” She adds, “I think it’s a good thing for the town. It brings a lot of…

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