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Duck festival builds Gueydan’s economy

GUEYDAN, La. (KLFY) – While everyone is having fun at the Duck Festival they are also helping the economy in Gueydan.

Mayor of Gueydan Jude Reese told KLFY News 10 that “the town does get to see an uptick in taxes for a few months, about 15 to 20 percent. And that’s a big thing for us, you know small town small budget so whatever extra attention we can get we’ll definitely take.”

Gueydan Duck Festival to begin August 25

Reese continued, “I think the biggest thing to me that I enjoy seeing from it, especially during duck season and the duck festival, is that people put their eyes on this town. They see Gueydan. It’s good publicity and it’s positive.”

Reese also said that the city and businesses are excited to experience the festival in full force after the pandemic prevented the festival in 2020 and a potential hurricane kept many from attending last year.

“I mean you have to remember…

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