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Eateries Dislike Ban on Plastics

Beyond the fact that restaurant operators dislike the higher costs of non-plastic food containers they soon may be forced to use, they also worry that compostable materials soak up sauces and generally make food less appetizing.
“It’s not as simple as coming up with an alternative product but (making sure) that alternative product meets the needs of the restaurant’s dishes,” said Mike Colonna, the chief executive of Norms, a chain of diner-style restaurants with a dozen locations in Los Angeles County.

He was reacting to recent actions by the Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors which separately last week began processes that would ban single-use plastic products – decisions that would fall heavily on restaurants.
The City Council approved multiple measures that will expand and strengthen restrictions on disposables to make Los Angeles a zero-waste city. Single-use food ware such as plastic…

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