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Editorial Roundup: Minnesota economy doing well – Albert Lea Tribune

The big drivers of Minnesota’s economy in June surpassed pre-pandemic levels of employment in a sign that the state is well on its way to recovery and prosperity.

While political leadership often takes more credit than is due for these kinds of developments, the strategy Minnesota leaders took through the pandemic and economic strife wasn’t perfect, but it was good.

We can start with the initial bipartisan reaction to the pandemic, with Democrats and Republicans agreeing the pandemic posed a catastrophic threat to public health and business prosperity. We needed information and research on the COVID-19 virus, and we got it with Gov. Tim Walz and others drawing together the state’s health and medical brain trust from the Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota, and the private and nonprofit health care providers.

Minnesotans were very well-informed of the virus spread and precautions to take on a daily…

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