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Four key questions to help you identify fraudulent use of your business’s fuel cards

Fuel fraudsters continue to ‘skim a little off the top’. 

The post pandemic e-commerce boom has fueled a marked increase in demand for logistics services. As a result, global fuel and fleet markets have expanded their business operations to meet this increased demand. For criminals, this has created a unique opportunity
to take advantage of the ‘new normal’ and ‘skim a little off the top’. The past year’s steep increases in fuel costs have also contributed to increases in fraud, with drivers ‘stealing’ fuel via their fuel cards for their personal use or on-selling.

There are many types of fraud that road transportation and fleet operators need to be aware of. By far the most common type is skimming and copy card fraud, which together account for most fraud observed over the last three years. Other examples of fuel
fraud range from dual filling, where fleet drivers fill their vehicle, as well as a bladder tank,…

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