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Fresh Snow brings visitors and extra business to Idyllwild

Sunday’s storm system coated our local mountains with snow.

We saw the powdered-covered peaks down in the valley and decided to make the trek out to Idyllwild.

Several attractions and businesses are seeing an increase in visitors ultimately helping their bottom line.

Laura Zarecky who works at Idyllwild Parks says, “I think this is when the town comes alive. It’s magical up here when it snows and I think this is really when people come in.”

The fresh snow falls helps bring out the crowds! Several families enjoyed sledding and snow play at Idyllwild Park on Tuesday.

“I’ve been told this is our moneymaking season. This is the time that the park really makes its revenue which we need to keep it open,” says Zarecky.

Families were also out and about supporting the local mom and pop shops in the area.

Lynn Littlefield, the general manager at Wooley’s shop says the snow helps bring in more…

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