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FSU researchers collaborate with business to develop next-generation superconducting cables

An image of the Conductor on Round Core cables developed by researchers with the Center for Advanced Power Systems and Advanced Conductor Technologies.
(Courtesy of Advanced Conductor Technologies)

Researchers at Florida State University’s Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS), in collaboration with Colorado-based Advanced Conductor Technologies, have demonstrated a new, ready-to-use superconducting cable system — an improvement to superconductor technology that drives the development of technologies such as all-electric ships or airplanes.

In a paper published in Superconductor Science and Technology, the researchers demonstrated a system that uses helium gas for crucial cooling. Superconducting cables can move electrical current with no resistance, but they need very cold temperatures to function.

Sastry Pamidi is the Center for Advanced Power Systems associate director as well as professor and chair of the Electrical…

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