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Geoscience Australia conducts economic impact survey of NPIC program

NPIC is key to a location-enabled Australia. (Image: Geoscience Australia)

Geoscience Australia is undertaking an assessment of the economic impact of the National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC) program.

The program provides free and open access to multi-GNSS observation streams from Australia’s network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS).

Users can connect to these data and product streams directly from Geoscience Australia or via a commercial positioning-service provider. The CORS network has been designed to support a national positioning capability that provides better than 5-cm accurate positioning solutions in areas with access to mobile-phone coverage (delivery via the internet).

Geoscience Australia has engaged ACIL Allen to conduct a web-based survey for stakeholders with interest in this program to assist with data gathering for the economic assessment.

The survey takes 15 to 20 minutes to…

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