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Google Has Advice For SEO Success…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

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Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Google says the secret to SEO success is making sure your most important page is not terrible.

According to Google, if the most important page on your website is not top-notch quality, then it’s unlikely the site as a whole will rank well. Pages with low-quality content can pull down the performance of the entire domain, although experts at Google did not specify an exact percentage or figure. (Source: Digital Information World)

Why this is important for your business:

“Here’s an example: if a site’s most important page (say homepage) is “terrible” (in the sense of any algorithm), that’s a pretty big deal. If the same site has a random archived page that’s “terrible,” no big deal,” John Mueller, a senior search analyst at Google wrote on…

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