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How Authentic Talent Leverages Today’s “Attention Economy” And Client Passion To Succeed And Grow

Jon Rubenstein, President and CEO of Authentic Talent, and Anne Woodward, the head of Authentic’s LA … [+] office.

Jon Rubinstein/Karen Woodward

“I know who my clients are that I can call up and say, ‘I’ve got this crazy idea,’” enthused Jon Rubenstein, the president and CEO of Authentic Talent. A statement like that might strike fear into the hearts of many in Hollywood.

Leveraging today’s “attention economy” while building long-lasting relationships with clients such as Brie Larson, Simu Liu, John Bradley, Vera Farmiga, and Barbie Ferreira and developing their ideas are cornerstone principles for the talent and literary management company. Based in New York but with an office in Los Angeles, Authentic also has a podcast network and what is described as a “flourishing” production operation that continues to grow. The company has been around for 15 years.

“If our clients are…

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