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How to Find Out Your Car’s Fuel Economy Ratings

When looking for a car, you want to determine if the vehicle’s fuel economy is what it should be, whether it is new or used. So, where do you begin?

Since the U.S. government mandates that every vehicle have information about its fuel economy, it’s not difficult to find in various ways. Here are some quick and easy ways to find out your car’s fuel economy, calculate it on your own, and improve it.

Monroney sticker

Monroney sticker | Getty Images

When browsing a dealership lot for a new or used car, one of the details you notice when you study the Monroney sticker is that it lists the vehicle’s fuel economy in the EPA section. The label will have three fuel economy numbers, highway, city, and combined miles per gallon.

Edmunds car reviews

On Edmunds‘ car reviews, select a vehicle and go to the features page for that car. There you’ll see stats such as transmission, drive type, seating…

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