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How To Identify Your Business’s Target Audience

Senior VP of PR & Digital Marketing at ChicExecs PR & Retail Strategy Firm.


It’s critical for your business to create crave-worthy products and assemble an all-star team of employees. But all of that is moot if you don’t have the most important ingredient of all: an understanding of your target audience.

Understanding your business’s audience can help you:

• Create products that people actually want to buy.

• Save money on marketing.

• Stay ahead of the competition.

If you want a real competitive edge, it’s time to learn who your customers are and what they need. It’s time to build a stronger business—one with your customers as the foundation. If you don’t know who your customers are, follow these six tips to identify your business’s target audience.

1. Collect the right customer data.

You need a lot of customer data to help you form a more complete understanding of your customers. Businesses often…

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