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Hyundai Motor Group, joint development authority reach Economic Development Agreement

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The terms of an economic development agreement between Hyundai Motor Group and leaders representing four counties impacted by the Bryan County mega site are settled.

Back in May, Governor Brian Kemp along with leaders from Hyundai announced the motor group is building a fully dedicated electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facility at the Bryan County mega site.

Hyundai Motor Group is investing about five and a half billion dollars to build their manufacturing facility at this site, that once completed, will put just over eight thousand people to work.

Recognizing the massive economic boost the manufacturing plant will have on the region, members of the Savannah harbor-Interstate 16 Corridor Joint Development Authority worked out terms of an Economic Development Agreement with Hyundai Motor Group, finalizing the agreement last week.

“A lot of those folks cam to the table and sat down, a lot of late nights…

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