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Illinois is well placed to grow with a hydrogen economy

There is no stopping a switch to clean energy. It is our future. The question is: How can Illinois capitalize on this to bring stability in a volatile energy market and jobs, wealth and economic growth to our state? One way we can do this is by building a hydrogen economy in Illinois and setting up hydrogen hubs throughout our state.

The administration of President Joe Biden recently announced a $7 billion fund to jump-start a national hydrogen economy, and I believe Illinois is perfectly positioned for this investment. That’s why as a state senator, I sponsored the Hydrogen Economy Act, a measure that would create a task force to support Illinois’ role in a productive and safe regional hydrogen hub. Gov. J.B. Pritzker sees the value in building hydrogen hubs in Illinois and has announced that our state will bring Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Ohio together to cooperate on cultivating a hydrogen economy.

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