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I’m a Dollar Tree super fan – the brand name knock-offs you must buy as they could save you hundreds of dollars

WHEN it comes to shopping, it’s time you stop overspending.

Dollar Tree super fan Vivian Tenorio posted a video sharing the knock-off items you must buy from the store that can help save you a pretty penny.


One Dollar Tree super fan compared brand name products to their knock-off versions


The brand name LED tweezers and Dollar Tree tweezers were almost exactly the sameCredit: YouTube


First, Tenorio revealed that you can get a pair of LED tweezers from Dollar Tree for just $1.25.

The brand name one she had in comparison was priced at $19.99, saving you over $18.

“A tweezer is a tweezer,” she said.

“Both are just LED lights and both are just tweezers.”

The super fan said that the Dollar Tree tweezers even come with batteries included.

When held up next to each other, she said the only difference between the two tweezers was that the more expensive one had a grip on it.


Next, she compared $1.25 white strips…

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