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JC’s economic productivity ranked highest among state’s small metros

While it was near the middle of the country’s small metro areas in terms of overall economic productivity, Jefferson City ranked highest among similarly-sized Missouri cities in a recent report.

Jefferson City ranked near the middle of the pack in terms of small metros at No. 117 out of 206. Data pointed to $8.6 billion in gross domestic product — a measure of economic productivity based on the value of goods and services produced — from the community with $86,872 in average annual GDP per worker across 99,709 employed residents.

The report stated the city’s annual GDP per capita, which spreads the GDP across all residents in an area whether they are working or not, was $57,670 with a population exceeding 150,000.

The U.S. averaged $109,519 annual GDP per worker and $63,414 annual GDP per capita, according to the report.

Among all metro areas in the U.S., Jefferson City ranked 244 out of 357.

Despite a low ranking across the…

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