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Juneteenth and its implications for the economy and generational wealth

While June 19, 1865, is widely regarded as a day of liberation, its celebration for some simultaneously brings into question just how far that freedom goes.

For real estate entrepreneur Jude Bernard, Juneteenth is a reminder of generational wealth deprived.

“The whole story behind Juneteenth was that we were technically free, but we didn’t know it and it was years before we actually truly got our freedom,” Bernard told ABC News.

Bernard said Juneteenth can be used to highlight financial equality, which is the type of freedom many, like him, have fought for.

He used student loan funds to buy his first property 25 years ago with the goal of earning extra income on the side. Now, with an extensive portfolio, the investor is the founder and CEO of The Brooklyn Bank–a nonprofit focused on financial literacy and development for people of color.

“My mission is equality,” he said. “The goal of the Brooklyn Bank is to pretty much bring the…

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