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Juneteenth celebration: BBQ expert starts new business

EL PASO, TX (KTSM)- For years, Felder “Junior” Shackleford was cooking on the weekends during his time in the military, today it is now his passion with Kings BBQ, and he wants to pass it along to the people of El Paso.

Spending most of his life in the military, Shackleford became known as the barracks chef barbequing and cooking for everyone solely because it made it happy. When he returned to the borderland, he decided to open his own soul food restaurant to give El Pasoans a taste of homemade barbeque.

He says that he is not doing this for any monetary reasons, rather he wants to give people a reason to be happy which he says the best way to do it is through food and creating an environment everyone will enjoy.

“It’s not about the money its literally because when I come in here, I’m breaking off a piece of my happiness and giving you what I think taste good but also makes you feel good so I’m not in…

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