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LVPC considers chicken ordinance that attorney Asteak says overreaches, defies economic reality | Lehigh Valley Regional News

Keeping chickens at home may be portrayed as healthy and earth-friendly, but the practice may not be for the faint of heart.

At times, it may indeed be “fowl.” Chickens are messy and they indulge in cannibalism. Then when they “retire” from laying eggs, there is no gravy train, just a soup pot.

Lehigh Valley Planning Commission attorney Gary Asteak, a self-professed “chicken man,” said Tuesday that a poultry ordinance proposed for residential parts of Upper Saucon Township overreaches and defies economic sense. The commission stepped out of its usual development and building mode to talk about birds during a meeting of its comprehensive planning committee.

Asteak objected to this sentence: “Should there be a question of the health of any animals, they (inspectors) shall have the authority to require an examination by a veterinarian, and such examination will be at the expense of the owner.”

“The proper action would be to simply turn it…

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