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Media Briefing: The media business’s mid-year review

In this week’s Media Briefing, media editor Kayleigh Barber assesses the state of the media business after a first half of the year that has not gone as publishers expected coming into 2022.

Mid-year review

The key hits: 

  • Advertising is taking a hit in the pre-recession panic, but not all categories will be impacted the same way.
  • Publishers are trying to figure out how to appease some advertising clients with their commerce businesses, including by adding new pricing models and shoppable video placements.
  • Dealing with personnel is as fickle a task as ever, but hiring freezes, furloughs and layoffs are strategies kept in the back pocket.

This year was supposed to follow 2021 as another year of profit and growth. But at the midway point of 2022, this year is beginning to bear a closer resemblance to 2020 than 2021, thanks to a looming recession and drastic world events.

“Where we are right now is very different to…

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