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Morton Marcus: Don’t listen to Chicken Little | Business News

We are deluged with “news” that the American labor market is a shambles. Business owners say, “We can’t get people to work, even with higher wages and improved benefit packages.” Well maybe, just maybe, workers have had it with low wages, inadequate respect, and the worm has turned.

Maybe, Covid didn’t make people lust for the days of old when workers were commodities instead of individuals. Or, perhaps, the whole labor shortage is that mountain made from a convenient mole hill.

“People today just aren’t willing to work!”

Strange, but the size of the national labor force (those employed or seeking employment) was down in 2021 by just 1.4% from its pre-Covid 2019 peak. Of course, it’s more impressive if we say the labor force is down by 2.3…

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