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FREDERICK KOLOGETO – the Member for South Vella Lavella Constituency and Minister for Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration – may have overstepped legal advice given in January this year.

The instruction relates to plans by Hon Kologeto to take over PE 079-004-002 on Vella Lavella. The Vella Development Ltd (VDCL) holds the title over this PE.

Retired Magistrate, Esther Lelapitu reported the matter to the Office of the Public Solicitor in Gizo last January.

In the letter dated 13th January this year, Minister Kologeto was asked to “Stop the destruction of properties and development on land in Vella La Vella (PE 079-004-002) held by Vella Development Company (VDC).”

The letter signed by a Andrew Bosa of the Public Solicitor’s Office in Gizo, was addressed to Mr. Kologeto.

“In light of the above instruction it is our respectful view that to avoid any predicament we advise that any development on the aforementioned…

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