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Netanyahu economic adviser to run in Likud primaries

An economic adviser to opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu announced Saturday that he will seek a spot on the Likud party’s electoral slate in the upcoming elections.

In a television interview, Avi Simhon said he would focus on cost of living issues if elected, hitting on many of the same themes that Netanyahu highlighted in the launch of his campaign this week.

“Together with Netanyahu I built a plan for lowering real estate prices. I believe that very quickly — and I mean within months — we can completely stop the rise in prices,” Simhon told Channel 12 news.

Simhon, a professor at Hebrew University who served as head of the National Economic Council when Netanyahu was prime minister, said he told the former premier about his political aspirations, but did not court his support.

“I never asked anyone to help me. I never had a patron. I didn’t ask [Netanyahu] for a promise of support,” he…

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