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New business | Salsa’s Tingz for Black hair • The Yellow Springs News

Yellow Springs resident and natural hair stylist Kafisalah Salahuddin fills a special niche in the community for African American residents — providing natural hair care services and products through her company, Salsa’s Tingz.

“My business is two different businesses in one; I have my own hair care product and I also do locs under it,” Salahuddin said. “So, the entirety of it is called ‘Salsa’s Tingz’ [named with a Jamaican vibe in mind], but Salsa’s Locs Natural is my product.”

Salahuddin has lived in Yellow Springs for the past six years, coming here from Xenia. She has two children — Paradise, who is 13, and Azhan, who is 7 — who attend Yellow Springs schools.

“My family moved [to the area] from Cleveland in the early ’80s and we are one of the local Muslim Haitian families in the community,” she said.

Salahuddin works with Black hair in its natural state — meaning, styled without the use of…

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