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New distillery tasting room opens in Lewisburg | Local Business News

Lewisburg, Pa. — Imagine getting your cocktail instantly, all with the pull of a tap. 

A new tasting room in Lewisburg offers just that — cocktails on tap. 

The owner of Hungry Run Distillery, Dr. Shawn McGlaughlin, says the cocktails on tap are a unique touch.

“We currently have eight cocktails that are premixed and on tap,” he said.

Those selections include Peach Mango Tea, which is a mix of peach and mango vodka. Autumn Delight is another selection, which consists of apple pie moonshine, lemon juice, and an apple slice. The Pear Bourbon Sparkler has pear bourbon and ginger ale.  

“Bourbon has been particularly popular the last few years and it’s been popular here,” McGlaughlin said. 

McGlaughlin added that the drinks have fresh fruit garnishes, something the customers seem to enjoy. 

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