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Northwest London grocer is disqualified for 10 years for squandering £50,000 bounce bank loan instead of spending on his company

Al-Amir Ltd.’s lone director was Abbas Abo Kifayah (37), a resident of Kingsbury in northwest London.

The company operated a grocery store and butcher shop out of premises in northwest London’s Wembley neighbourhood.

However, the company entered into a creditors’ voluntary liquidation in July 2021, which led to an Insolvency Service probe.

Investigators discovered that in August 2020, Abbas Kifayah was successful in getting a £50,000 bounce-back loan for Al-Amir Ltd.

Abbas Kifayah inflated the company’s revenue, though, in order to get Al-Amir Ltd. a larger credit than it was qualified for.

Additional investigations revealed that after the £50,000 loan was deposited in the business’s bank account, £43,200 was moved to Abbas Kifayah’s personal account, slightly over £3,000 was sent to a third party, and $2,250 was taken in cash.

When Abbas Kifayah was questioned regarding these transactions, he admitted…

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