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Optimism On Administrative State Reform—With A Big Caution

There’s hopeful anticipation on the right of reforming the administrative state. In particular, many observers, pundits and policymakers take heart in recent moves by the Supreme Court to rein in executive branch and administrative office regulatory powers.

Part of the swamp-driaing infrastructure. Photo by the author.

Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.

Most recently was West Virginia v. EPA, blocking the Environmental Prtoection Agency on Clean Power Plan emission rules it imposed using powers it didn’t posess.

Before that came the Court’s blocking of both the Centers for Disease Control’s eviction moratorium and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s vaccine mandate.

Responses on the outraged left include escalating their calls to pack the Court, end the filibuster and abolish the electoral college.

Those extreme reactions point to the real problem, which is less executive power, but the naked…

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