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Pitch Deck That July Creator Economy Startup Used to Raise $2.3M

  • July is a creator economy startup with a mission to simplify the brand deal process.
  • It just announced a $2.3 million pre-seed fundraising round led by Seven Seven Six.
  • Here’s the pitch deck it used to get in front of investors as VC funding in the space cools.

Wells Douraghy, a 23-year-old CEO, isn’t a stranger to creators. 

“My friends and the people that I’ve been working with now for the past four years have been creators,” Douraghy — who also considers himself a content creator — told Insider. “Hands down, the biggest problem that we have all run into was how can we effectively source and manage brand deals?” 

Brand deals are a crucial revenue stream for creators, who often balance multiple incomes at once. 

But the process of…

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