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Record diesel prices having a ripple effect on the economy, business owner warns

One industry analyst warns a gallon of diesel could hit $10 by the end of the summer.

WENATCHEE, Wash. — Diesel fuel powers America’s economy. Just about everything we consume is delivered by diesel — whether it’s by boat, truck or train.

Rising diesel prices are costing consumers everywhere.

“I think it’s hogwash,” said Brian Snyder, who runs an asphalt company in Wenatchee.

Since trucking companies often apply a fuel surcharge to customers when prices rise, Snyder says a delivery of asphalt sealer is now $3,000 more per truckload than last year. That has forced him to raise his rates for customers by 20%.

Snyder believes oil companies are gouging the transportation industry to make up for losses during the COVID-19…

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