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S African launch of world’s first agri-focused satellite will generate revenue of $108m

Johannesburg, Jan 13 (PTI) The successful launch of the world’s first agri-focused satellite is expected to generate over USD 100 million in revenue, said the Chairperson of the South African Council for Space Affairs.

Pontsho Maruping said in a statement on Friday that the launch of the satellite from Cape Canaveral last week was a historical milestone in the South African space regulatory regime since it is the first ever-commercial satellite licensed in South Africa following seven government-sponsored satellites.

Dragonfly Aerospace launched the satellite, called AgriSAT-1 /ZA 008, on a Space X Falcon 9 rocket.

“This successful launch by Dragonfly shows yet again South Africa’s international capability in the space industry and will boost its credibility for investment in the space area. The launch will enable Dragonfly to continue with its other projects of building a constellation of satellites, whilst…

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