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Sheryl Sandberg: Sandberg leaves a complicated ad legacy | International Business News

Sheryl Sandberg once remarked that she felt she was put on earth to scale organisations and, during her career as one of the most powerful executives in Silicon Valley, she ploughed straight toward that grandiose vision.
As an advertising head at Google in the mid-2000s, and as chief operating officer at Facebook for 14 years until her resignation on Wednesday, Sandberg oversaw a period during which the internet services ballooned to colossal sizes, fed by a seemingly endless fountain of advertising revenue.
Though Sandberg may get most of her name recognition from ‘Lean In’ — her 2013 blockbuster book encouraging women to take charge in the workplace — her most significant and complicated legacy may be the tech industry’s reliance on personalised advertising, which created both profits and complex nightmares at immense scale.
Sandberg was one of the people who made Google’s ad business so enormous that it became an…

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