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SKU View: Keys to successful innovation

In our monthly “SKU View” series, Food Entrepreneur is tapping the expertise of mentors at SKU, a consumer products accelerator based in Austin, Texas, to deliver timely insights on issues that affect early-stage food and beverage brands.

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A food scientist with a passion for health and wellness, Lauren Jans leads research and development at SmartSweets, a brand of reduced-sugar candy. Previously she was a product and process developer at Mondelez International, Inc.

“In the world of food, innovation has to be value-added, scalable and accessible,” she said. “Your product should give the consumer something they’re missing today. That could be better taste, better nutrition, more convenient format, or a number of other value-adds.”

In a recent interview, she shed light on how early-stage brands may achieve successful innovation while navigating current industrywide challenges.

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