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Slingshot business run out of Meriden workshop

If you’re looking for something new to do, consider taking slingshot lessons.

Andrew M. Cislo owner of Fork Plus Band Slingshot in Meriden, will give an introduction to Slingshot Target Shooting. Lessons start Father’s Day — June 19 — and will take place at Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort in Middlefield. The price is $45 per person for a 90-minute lesson, equipment included. Group lessons for 10 or more are also available. For more information, call (866) 860-0208.

Safety protocols will be in place during the lessons.

“Only shooters will be allowed in the practice field and everyone will be wearing safety glasses,” Cislo said.

Practice ammo made out of clay will be used along with lightweight bands.

“They are accurate but not dangerous,” he said.

Cislo also advises caution for those allergic to latex, since the bands are made of natural latex.

How the journey began

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