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Stakeholder Capitalism Is Business’s Biggest Opportunity

NEW YORK — With concerns about sustainability and the like on the upswing, nearly two-thirds (65%) of in-house comms leaders see stakeholder capitalism as business’s biggest opportunity in 2023, according to new research from Page.

Participants in the organization’s survey of 56 CCOs from North America (67%), Europe (24%), APAC (7%) and the Middle East (2%) said current socio and political conditions provide companies the chance to become leaders in areas like sustainability, climate change and clean energy. Businesses also have opportunity to provide values-based leadership on societal and geopolitical issues, respondents said.

CCOs, however, also noted that business faces formidable risk, particularly around the economy. Forty-one percent of respondents named economic difficulty the top risk, particularly the prospect of layoffs.

With that, participants said, come challenges to communicators, like how to message caution…

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