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Starmer’s ‘secret’ speech location revealed – SKWAWKBOX

Go and exercise your right to protest and free speech – peacefully, of course

The Spine Building in Liverpool (image credit: AHR Architects)

Earlier this evening, Skwawkbox reported Keir Starmer’s plan to deliver a ‘secret’ speech in Liverpool, where he is still widely despised for his unrepentant performance as a columnist for the hated Murdoch S*n.

Resourceful Scousers say they have already identified the location that Starmer’s team had tried to keep from the public while Starmer spoke only to tame journalists: The Spine Building, 2 Paddington Village, Liverpool.

If you can get there to peacefully exercise your democratic rights and give Starmer a piece of your mind, make it loud and proud.

Update: a page on a business networking group that had details of an ‘exclusive’ session with Starmer and Rachel Reeves covering the period of the press conference has now been deleted. It’s not clear whether…

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